About MYLE

Why should I care about instantly capturing my thoughts?

Because it’s so easy to forget them… Every single thought has value. One single thought can drive you to your dream, but usually it takes hundreds of thoughts and, most importantly, to review them on an iterative basis, before you achieve your goal and make your dream true.

Will MYLE really make my life easier?

It has already made our lives easier. We believe it will help you. That’s why we offer it for you.

Why did you call it MYLE?

It is an acronym. MYLE: “Makes Your Life Easier” via a single fingertap.

What’s the difference between MYLE and SIRI?

The only commonality between SIRI and MYLE is that both are voice powered solutions. Everything else is different. Here are some main points:
a). MYLE does not pretend to have a mind of its own and argue with you, nor it will endlessly ask for clarifications, distracting you and losing your precious time. With MYLE, its user is fully in charge of the instant data input that requires minimum distraction.
b). SIRI is an advanced search engine positioned as a personal assistant designed to execute a limited set of tasks. Once the task is processed, SIRI “forgets” it. You cannot revisit the note.
MYLE’s goal is to be your mind and memory backer and its goal is not only execute your orders but also to remember and categorize your thoughts and ideas as well as streamline your daily routines via automation, timely reminders and advice. All your notes are accessible at later time, until you decide to erase them.
c). MYLE can operate independently without any smartphone, while SIRI is a part of your phone.
d). With MYLE you are the owner of your data and no one but you is able to access, use, share and utilize it.

I’m using apps like Evernote to save my ideas. Why do I still need MYLE?

MYLE is not a substitute to Evernote or to any other system. Rather, through instantly capturing your voice notes in the simplest and most natural way – by voice – MYLE simplifies and streamlines saving of your thoughts and notes into your existing systems that you use and already accustomed to. Like Evernote. And you don’t need to have your mobile devices in hand all the time.

Is there any reason to use MYLE for my business team?

Definitely: if you have total involvement in your business matters and you move around a lot. If you want to share your thoughts, ideas, know statuses of your tasks, improve your team’s and your own efficiency by not losing important pieces of data. Having MYLE makes teamwork easier and more productive, because we often happen to be struck by brilliant ideas in the most inappropriate time. Yet with MYLE you can capture them and share with your team members. Like, saying “Slack, we need to add the predictive analytics feature to the project” and your note will be shared with your team in your Slack team-channel.

Can I use MYLE app without the device?

Technically yes, however our goal is to make your life easier by simplifying your daily routines and operations. We believe it is only achievable by a combination of instant thought catching and saving that can be done anywhere and at any time. We developed MYLE application and the device for this particular purpose. Without the wearable gadget piece, MYLE app would be just another organizing application that you will get bored of using in a few days.

Why can't I use a simple microphone instead of MYLE wearable gadget?

You can, but why would you? You would lose all the convenience and freedom you enjoy with MYLE device. The simple microphone would also limit a number of applications that you can use with it.

Using your MYLE

How hard it is for a non-technical person to set up the MYLE?

Very easy. Install the MYLE App as you would any other application. Start it, and once inside, just choose “Connect”. MYLE will do the rest automatically.

What is the speech to text recognition quality?

So far we test-proved it in 9 languages, using native speakers. That includes English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish and Portuguese. During a 60-days testing we’ve averaged the quality of up to 95%. The system has a serious self-learning capability that with time, as it learns your speech and vocabulary, accuracy reaches to 95%-100% range.

Is English the only language MYLE recognizes? What other languages you support in your app?

MYLE supports over 40 languages. Voice recognition is provided by NUANCE Voice-to-text service. Additionally through MYLE self-learning algorithms, we can improve voice recognition quality by analyzing your speech and vocabulary.

I work in a noisy environment. Will my notes be still recognized?

It depends on how noisy it is. Based on our own experience – and our meetings are held in a small room with many attendees, so it can be pretty noisy – MYLE still manages to work fine. Within MYLE App you can fine-tune MYLE device to the background noise level. In most cases it cuts off all surrounding noise.

What if the recognition is incorrect and I checked the text note on the phone much later. Can I play back my original voice note?

Yes, the notes are saved as well. In your mobile device access MYLE App, find the note you need and tap [PLAY] button. If you still need your note, you can then make corrections to the processed text.

How hard it is for a non-technical person to set up the MYLE?

Very easy. Install the MYLE App as you would any other application. Start it, and once inside, just choose “Connect”. MYLE will do the rest automatically.

Can I set different number of taps for different functions?

1 and 4 taps are reserved for system purposes. Otherwise, you can set up any number of controlling taps as you want. However, we’ve found that once the number of tapping combinations exceeds 3, remembering their meanings becomes difficult. Which defies the very purpose of MYLE – simply making your life easier.

What is the maximum length of a single voice message?

Currently, we limited it at 30 seconds. The user can set his or her own message duration via settings in MYLE App.

Will your gadget talk back to me?

It will not. For the sake of simplicity, efficiency and minimum distraction, as well as our alpha-testers surveys we decided that we do not need yet another talking partner. Notes are captured quietly, instantly and in most cases you don’t need your device to “Roger That”.

Does MYLE track my activities like other tracking gadgets do? Like, can I measure burnt calories and steps I took in a day?

Yes you can, but in a more enhanced way. You set up your goal and then save all notes and steps you make achieving this goal. As an example, number of calories you burn per day. After every meal tell MYLE what you ate to count consumed calories. Tell MYLE when you start exercising and it will activate the accelerometer to count burnt calories. All the results and analytics can be found later in your favorite activity tracking app or in your MYLE cloud account.

What if the device is fully discharged. Will I lose all my saved notes?

No, you will not lose them. Recharge your MYLE and once you have your paired mobile device within Bluetooth range, all your saved voice notes will be synced with your phone or tablet.

How can I attach MYLE to my garment?

On the back of MYLE has an aluminum bracket, with which you just clip it onto your clothes of choice.

Technical: Hardware

How can I connect MYLE to my smartphone?

Charge your device. Launch MYLE application on your smartphone. If you are using MYLE app for the first time, then select your device in its settings and read the readouts to confirm connectivity. Next time, when your gadget and your paired smartphone are within a Bluetooth range, the app and the device will connect automatically.

Does MYLE need to be connected with my smartphone all the time?

No, MYLE device collects voice notes independently from the smartphone. Transfer of voice notes to the smartphone happens automatically whenever MYLE and the smartphone are in Bluetooth range, and it doesn’t require user participation.

Can I connect my tablet to MYLE?

Normally – yes. However, MYLE utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard, so your tablet should support BLE. To find out, refer to your tablet user guide or contact the manufacturer. Other than that, it is not different from a smartphone.

What’s MYLE battery life?

For an average user we estimate it to be able to last over one week

How many messages can be saved in MYLE memory? Can I upgrade the memory to store more notes?

MYLE is capable of storing up to 2000 voice notes. Maximum preset length of each message is 30 seconds.

How are the saved notes transferred from MYLE to my smartphone?

All communications within MYLE realm are based on our proprietary multi-stream Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols.

Will my MYLE notify me if its battery is low?

Yes. Once MYLE requires charging, its red light indicator will start blinking. Additionally, via your MYLE App you can choose the beep alert as well.

How long does the battery take to charge?

Around two hours from fully discharged state.

I don’t remember where I put it. Can I find it?

Yes. MYLE has the Lost-&-Found feature. As long as your paired mobile device is in Bluetooth range, it will prompt your MYLE to blink red and beep.

Will you expand the choice of MYLE shell designs? Like rectangular, circle, etc.

At the start, there will be only one shape that gets the most votes from our supporters. But we’re already busy developing new shapes. Subscribe to our mailing list and let us know what you think – your ideas and your feedback is what will make MYLE successful.

How can I turn off the device when I see it’s on?

Just wait for 3 seconds and the device will turn off automatically. The ON/OFF interval is customizable via MYLE App. Or, you can tap it again.

Technical: Software

What mobile platforms will MYLE work with?

Currently iOS and Android only. Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry are coming soon.

What is a “Mylet”?

It’s a single-purpose mini-application within MYLE App. It is focused on a specific problem and solution (e.g. sending your brilliant idea to your Evernote account; converting your words about an eaten apple into a calories intake report; etc.).

How can I install the Mylets?

Go to MYLE Market. Browse and choose the Mylet you like. Tap on the Mylet icon that you want. Then the Mylet icon is transferred automatically onto your MYLE App dashboard.

How many Mylets are there in MYLE Market?

At the moment we have two dozen Mylets for testing purposes. By the time MYLE becomes commercially available there will be several hundred of them.

Is it possible to develop my own Mylet?

Yes. We have developed free MYLE SDK/API tools, named Constructor and Integrator, to help you easily design and develop your own Mylets. Required user-developer skill level – basic level of Java-Script and/or HTML 5. You can use your Mylet yourself AND share them with your friends and other users via MYLE Market.

Is it possible to link MYLE with my own application.

Yes, using our free MYLE SDK/API tools, Constructor and Integrator, you’ll be able to create your own mini-applications (Mylets) within MYLE environment (via Constructor) as well as integrate your existing applications with MYLE, its core and its data (via Integrator).

Will there be an SDK or API?

Yes, both are available and they are free.

Do I need to use MYLE Cloud Account?

Yes. All main processing is taking place in the Cloud.

What’s the technology behind MYLE platform?

Bluetooth Low Energy, nodejs, HTML 5, Cocoa, Java, Postgres, Linux, R, and a few others.

Purchasing and Shipping

What will be included into the shipping package?

One (1) MYLE device, one (1) charging station, one (1) charge cord, one (1) Quick-start Guide to help set up your MYLE.

What’s the warranty?
We provide 1 year limited warranty that protects you from manufacturing defects.
When is the soonest I can have my MYLE shipped to me?
Our goal is to start shipping in Q4 2016.

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