As you probably remember, not so long time ago I wrote about Pebble – why I believe it is the best smartwatch on the market, and why its simplicity and intuitivity, as well as lack of over-complicated gizmos, are what users really need.

So now I’d like to reiterate my belief and to thank Pebble team for their amazing product and the service they provide.

It looks like that pebbloids (or how the Pebble guys call themselves) keep a close eye on the market and search for the ways to deliver better product and improve services for their customers. I know it for sure, because they somehow found my post where I briefly mentioned the troubles with my Pebble, found and connected with me, and exchanged my old watch for a new one.

Just… Wow!

The entire process took a couple of days to communicate and work out the details, and a few days later I got a parcel with my new Pebble Classic. And you know, I liked the simplicity of the product replacement service – all I had to do was to take a photo of the Pebble watch back side with a handwritten number I received from their support. That’s it! The picture was sent to their Support team, and the next day I found a confirmation of the new watch shipping.

As you know, the crisis affected almost all the markets, including the hi-tech industry, and made companies pay close attention to the quality of services provided. Until quite recently, Zappos were traditionally on the top in terms of the service quality, and now the newcomers overtake it and grab the leading positions. Based on what I saw Pebble is one of such new leaders. This is really great – the more competition and the better services for us customers, the happier we are! 😉

I was lucky to meet Eric Migicovsky at CES 2016, and used the opportunity to express my personal gratitude to him for that amazing devices he made.

Hope that Pebble will avoid the transformation when a cool young and energetic startup turns into a small dinosaur with all the problems common for big corporations. I believe in the guys and think they will continue developing cool products and deliver their amazing services for us. We’re looking forward folks to see your new offerings!

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