When you’re driving, the world doesn’t stop.

Deadlines come and go. Thoughts and ideas flash through your mind. But, with your hands glued to the wheel – we all drive responsibly and do not distract ourselves with phones, right? – you have few options to act on them.

Want to text someone? Send an email? Make an entry to Slack? Log your calories or add an item to your grocery list?

How about sending information to a traffic app to warn your fellow motorists of a potential danger or delay? You can do this, and more – all without touching your phone or taking your eyes off the road.

Tap your finger on the MYLE wearable device and speak your thoughts or command. MYLE will do the rest.

It will automatically convert your spoken words into the text, categorize it by keywords and push it the appropriate application. It will also save both the audio file and the text, so you can return to this note later.

Phone dead? No problem. MYLE has enough memory to collect more than 2,000 of your voice notes, and transfer them to your cloud account once your phone is back in Bluetooth range.

With MYLE, the time you spend at the wheel isn’t wasted. You stay connected, productive, and safe. To pre-order MYLE for $79 during the month of October, use the coupon code, GETMYLE.

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