The largest tech trade show is about to start; so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of products presented this year at CES, then we recommend you to read this quick guide on the hottest trends to watch at CES 2016.

MYLE will be one of the exhibitors along with another 3,600 companies presenting its products.

Driverless Cars (DC) and Electric Vehicles (EV).

One of the most anticipated trends at CES 2016 will be the DC and EV.

Last year has shown us just how close this dream (driverless cars) became. Tesla’s autopilot feature with many other breakthroughs in this field with no doubt has been improved since last year. Thus, we’re all should be excited about the upcoming presentations from the top companies.

EV alongside with the driverless cars are expected to make some noise too.

The biggest challenges for the EV are the components using in batteries production, time required to recharge EV, and distance which a car can cover on a single charge.

All these factors are essential contributors to global warming, thus, the majority of companies should present interesting solutions on how to solve these issues. Watch for Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Hyundai, Mercedes and Toyota.

Also, don’t’ forget to check Ford, as they might be ready to unveil its Google-powered self-driving car.


Certainly everyone is familiar with drones and their purpose today. Whether it’s consumer, commercial or military use, the drones became part of our society.

We’re pretty sure that military drones will not be presented at CES 2016. However, there will be around 27 different drone exhibitors.

The biggest problem for the ‘15 generation of drones was their poor flying time.

Their cameras were powered with the 4K cameras, however, it wasn’t enough to attract more buyers as the top drones could only fly for 15 minutes, when the rest of them stayed in the air for less than 10 minutes.

Moreover, last year we’ve seen drones with advanced sensors for tracking users’ motions. And CES 2016 will bring some exciting features for better motion tracking as well as enhanced flying controllers based on the improved computing and AI.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Many of the tech experts call 2016 as “The Year of VR.” We do not dispute this statement this statement, because according to recent research, the sales of VR headsets will reach 14 million units in 2016 with most used for gaming.

However, CES 2016 will be a good place to see how AR has advanced since the unveiling of Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens, Qualcomm, Sony or Infinity AR.

To be more precise: clarity of display graphics, latency when moving, 3D mapping technology, processors and their power.

Also, we may see the solutions on how to display information on translucent glass, so that the user can see digital imaging in addition to seeing the surrounding environment.

If you can’t distinguish AR and VR, then usually AR refers to a technology that’s making it possible to interact with virtual contents in the real world, and being able to distinguish between the two.

When VR is all about the creation of a virtual world. The users interact with the world that was specifically designed for a game or a movie. Usually, users have to wear the VR headsets and other motion sensors to interact with the virtual world

Wearable Assistive Technologies

Wearable technologies were the hottest tech trend in 2015.

We’ve seen the release of the Apple Watch and Pebble, updated Android Wear OS, dozens of unique fitness trackers and interesting healthcare products.

MYLE is a personal assistant, which release is scheduled for 2016, will be one of those tech devices that are designed to increase overall work productivity, save time, make working more efficient by saving company’s labour recourses required to perform certain tasks.

MYLE Electronics Corp. will be at booth #80423 at Eureka Park, Wearables.

Don’t forget to come over and check the world’s most reliable personal assistant.

So CES 2016 is going to bring us many new startups with unique products for fitness, health, personal lives, work and music.
Wearable tech that’s presented at CES, usually become the trend for the rest of the year.

Smart Homes.

Smart home technologies are what you have to see at CES 2016, because everyone has a dream of living in the house powered by the artificial intelligence.

The house that automatically tunes to your preferences knowing when you want the light bulbs to turn on, your preferred room temperature or even your favourite time to drink coffee so it automatically makes coffee for you.

However, last year wasn’t great for the smart home devices, as most of them came with their own apps and required the other smart home products using weird APIs or IFTTT recipes.

Also, for most smart home platforms, such as Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat, Apple HomeKit, Wink and others, it’s still hard to find products that would work together.

However, the major home appliances makers like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and even the glass manufacturer Corning are all going to showcase their products for smart homes.

We just have to wait a couple of days from today to hear more updates.

Internet of Things (IoT).

While we see that all tech companies aim to create and develop devices that would communicate with each other on the Internet; it’s still unclear what these companies are doing to patch a security hole in the system.

IoT at CES 2016 will be mostly about its vulnerability to malicious attacks.

Throughout 2015, we’ve seen a lot of stories that clearly showed us how everything from cars to baby monitors and drones could be hacked – in many cases remotely.

These important issues will be discussed this year at CES, and we should only wait for major updates.

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