Busyness – crazy busyness – due to information overload is the definite challenge of the modern age.

But once you think about it, don’t you have that funny sense that we have a bit too much of this good thing?  Public polling results seem to support this suspicion.

An absolute majority of workers and everyday people of the developed world complain about Information overload, stating amount of data they have to deal with on a daily basis has gone so much up that it is becoming or has already become unbearable and plain stressful. Just to give you an example – 91% of US workers say they sometimes delete or discard work information without fully reading it. While 65.2% of their UK counterparts stated that their work was negatively affected by the amount of data they had to process.

The IT industry seems to recognize the challenge, flooding the market with all sorts of activity trackers, organizers, schedulers and other endless apps.  In doing so though, they create a problem of its own.

Now there are too many applications that you have to spend your time and attention, learning and working with them. Again, the proof is in the numbers: 72% of US workers admit that they would be more productive if they didn’t have to switch back and forth between apps to get their work done.

Science has its own proof too. A Temple University study found that as you give people more and more data, they reach “cognitive and information overload.” Activity falls off in the part of the brain responsible for decision making and control of emotions and the quality of their decisions suffer, with the number of errors going up drastically.

So MYLE to the rescue by addressing at the mighty 2/3 of the problem – data input and processing. Forget those tiny buttons on your smartphone. Or filling of endless forms and timesheets at work.

With MYLE everything can be done with the most natural way of data input – by using your voice and simply talking to your device. Thanks to its infinitely customizable, self-learning and very smart analytical platform that powers MYLE, all you have to do is tap the device and start speaking.

All the downstream work of processing the data and assigning it to appropriate destinations – be it fillable forms, schedulers, activity or expense trackers or pretty much any mobile application or a industrial software you can think of  – happens automatically.

Additionally, all your voice notes are saved in your MYLE account not just as text, but as an audio file too. And even if you have some peculiar pronunciation,  MYLE is capable of learning them and adjusting the input accordingly.

Once MYLE becomes an integral part of your daily life, you will suddenly discover that you are not drowning in the data anymore – and still have some extra spare time on your hands!

Reining in the Information Deluge

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