Staying late at work again? It doesn’t have to be that way. The following tips can help you get a handle on your workload:

Wake up early.

Scientists have proven that those who wake up early are more productive. For example, Tim Cook, the founder of Apple, is already at a gym by 5 a.m. For a less extreme lifestyle change, try waking up five minutes earlier every morning.

Define your primary tasks for a day.

During your morning coffee, think about the most important tasks for your coming day. Spend 80 per cent of the time on your most important tasks in the first half of day and another 20 per cent on secondary and tertiary tasks in the afternoon.

Avoid distractions.

When you’re ready to start working on your primary tasks, it’s important to block off all distractions around you. Let your coworkers know to not bother you during specific hours. If you can, switch your phone to Airplane Mode, or switch off notifications.

Set a time limit for all meetings.

All meetings aren’t created equal, and most don’t need a full hour of time. Try half an hour or even 15 minutes. See what you can get done in that time.

Don’t waste your energy on routine tasks.

Many successful business leaders don’t waste their time on things that others can do.

Contemporary wearable devices can schedule meetings, calculate your monthly expenses, or find a recipe for dinner. For instance, with MYLE, you can tap and say, “I need to buy and deliver groceries by 7 p.m.” MYLE will use its unique computing algorithm to automatically complete this task, based on your previous shopping list and personal preferences.

How do you stay productive each day? Share your solutions with us and we’ll write about them in a future blog post.

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