The human brain is the ultimate computing machine – some scientists even call it the most energy-efficient and sophisticated computing system in the universe that’s capable of processing millions of operations.

Consider the fact that human brain consists of around 100 billion neurons that each have up to 10,000 connections with their neighbours. So this hierarchical neuron system is responsible for the brain functioning.

Apparently, all of this sounds very intriguing, and perhaps you start thinking that if our brain is that powerful computing system, then we may never forget anything we think of, especially those gems – the creative ideas.

Well, with so much information passing through our brains every day, it’s impossible to remember everything that comes to our minds.

In order to store all valuable information, you have to record manually everything via cell phones or recording devices, or in an old-school way with your pen and notebook.

For instance, the touch-screen keyboards are not great for quick notes, because the navigation of the interfaces in most apps distract you from the original idea you have.

Some people dedicate years to develop a unique system that allows them to record anything noteworthy, but nothing changes because they have the same problem wrapped in the different foil.

Why would you need something that could instantly record your ideas, thoughts and notes as the voice or text notes, after automatically categorize them by content and send to any app you use, so nothing could distract you from the original thought?

All of this enabling you to look through your thoughts to expand and polish your original ideas.

MYLE automatically works with all your applications in the background mode, so there’s no need to mix multiple apps with each other to enhance user experience (UX).

MYLE works through instantly capturing your voice notes in the simplest and most natural way – by voice.

It’s the easiest way to save your complex ideas – which are hard to type down quickly. It’s designed so that you’re able to save your genius ideas at an inconvenient time and place.

With all that MYLE enables you to organize your daily routines in the most efficient and least stressful manner. Leave those endless distractions behind and focus on something that’s truly valuable.

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