The global market of assistive technologies is expected the growth of USD 3.07 billion by 2020, according to a new study by San Francisco-based market research and consulting company Grand View Research, Inc.

In 2014, this perspective market was valued at USD 572.2 million. Currently, many large enterprises and SMEs are looking for solutions to reduce its overall expenses, increase productivity, improve customer-related services and process the enormous amount of data – that’s expected to rise over the next four years.

According to this research, VAs can be used across many industries, such as insurance, healthcare, finance, travel & hospitality, retail and utility sectors and safety regulations.

Noteworthy, the commercial sector is highly interested in VAs due to their desire to increase productivity of their employees and to eliminate the human workforce.

VAs are estimated to replace a significant percentage of workers in business operations.

Advancements in speech recognition and powerful analytics that are integrated into the VAs will make this technology more desirable for the commercial sector.

Think of the powerful device that’s able to collect automatically, process, describe and later use data to predict the working efficiency, financial stability and even possible recommendations for a business or an individual worker.

Personalized analytics and applications created for the specific needs of each business will add more accurate analytics allowing the VAs minimize the time required to perform a particular task, and maximize the company’s growth.

If you’ve become interested in this technology and its limitless potential, then follow these pioneers: MYLE Electronics Inc., Creative Virtual Ltd., Next IT Corporation, Artificial Solutions, eGain Communications, and Nuance Communications, IntelliResponse, Google and Apple.

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