When people see code, they get scared. They may think of it as a complex, painstakingly detailed, and overly technical process.

However, more and more schools are implementing basic coding classes in their curriculum. At MYLE, we agree: Coding is important! Not only that, it’s fun and easy to learn.

Here’s why you should learn to code:

  1. Coding can help you better communicate with people around the world, just as any other international language would. It’s especially important as we move into a fully digital era.
  2. Coding develops your problem-solving skills and enhances your ability to build and organize large amounts of information.
  3. Coding improves your artistic mind by challenging your brain to think in new and creative ways.
  4. Coding allows you to customize your devices. Most contemporary wearable devices, such as MYLE, use open API and SDK protocols, giving you access to the code, and the ability to innovate on it.
  5. Learning to code is a great investment: Write that useful app, website or program and sell it. Remember, Facebook itself started with one man coding.

So how do you get started learning code? Keep it simple. Begin your coding journey by learning uncomplicated languages like Java, Ruby, Python and C/C++.

Would you consider learn coding in the future? Tell us why (or why not!) in the comments.

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