Have you ever experienced insomnia? Did you think of how to defeat it? There’s a wearable to help you.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you go to bed late at night and cannot fall asleep. You spin in the bed, try to count sheep or meditate, or take a magic pill, when everything else fails. In the morning you wake up with a heavy head and leaden body, exhausted before you even get out of bed, completely incapable of focusing on anything. Your thoughts are like glass beads that scatter out of a can, and come the next night, the cycle repeats.

More than 50 million people in the US only battle some sort of sleep dysfunction, and one of the biggest causes is information overload. For the past decade, the data we must process in our heads has expanded ten-fold, and the amount of information going through our minds grows every day.

This information overload causes a vicious cycle of stress: stress that is driven by a failure to start and complete a myriad of tasks of varying importance, stress caused by inability to relax, stress caused by lack of time. This cycle builds and pushes us towards a sort of psychological abyss, getting out of which gets harder with every day.

The solution seems obvious: stop the race. Relax. Capture and sort all those niggling thoughts. Pick the important ones and get them done. All to-dos would be attended to, no pesky thoughts would rush through your brain, stress would be gone and your sleep be back.

But it’s not so simple. Sorting and acting on all this incoming information is incredibly challenging, and you will be running out of post-it notes before you are even half-way through your list.

This is where we call on a tech for assistance. In particular, a miniature wearable devices that help us remember everything and even look after many routine tasks for us, like MYLE.

Miniature and elegant, MYLE is worn on your lapel or shirt collar. It’s ready to instantly capture and save any thought or command that you say, with a simple finger tap. You don’t need to take out your phone, or even have it nearby.

Just imagine – one finger tap and you never forget anything again. Also, a good portion of this data is analyzed and executed automatically, without any effort on your part.

To envision the value of a device like MYLE, take note of the stream of routine thoughts that pass through your mind: call John tomorrow at 2 pm; don’t forget to buy milk; add search system to the project; I ate an apple; my daughter spoke her first word; I had a coffee, spent $2.35 – on and on it goes…

Here’s the catch: only 10-20% of our conscious thoughts are actually urgent and important. But, the other 80% are things that must nevertheless be acted on, or remembered. What happens is that important items get pushed aside, and you are back to the familiar cycle of stress, spinning in bed and waking beaten down and red-eyed.

Now imagine that, with a swing of some magic wand, a note to call John appeared in the calendar. Milk showed up in your shopping list (with a pick-up date and specific store name). The idea for a new search system landed in Evernote or your Slack work group. Calories from that apple calculated automatically. The cost of your coffee was accounted for in your expenses file. And, your family album received an entry under your daughter’s photo, with those memorable first words… Things simply get done – automatically.

This is the main attraction of MYLE – its simplicity and smartness. You just need to tap the device and speak… that’s it! MYLE captures your thought, analyzes and executes it in some form.

When you use MYLE, you’ll start noticing that you’ve suddenly gained an hour or more of free time, every day – and yet your ‘to dos’ are done, your stress level not as bad, your mind is fresh, and your sleep is coming back.

So, you can be a part of that 50-million army of insomniacs, or you can try MYLE. To pre-order it, visit www.getmyle.com

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