“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness, how the time has flown. How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss.

The passage of time goes unnoticed most of the, well, time. Yet once we realize its transient nature, there is no hiding from this bitter realization – time flies by and does it too quickly for comfort. Because for us, humans, time is the only absolutely unredeemable asset. Yet it keeps pouring through our hands like water leaving us with the thought of how much time was lost – on what, exactly?!

The modern life presents us with hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to lose time. Each task or a thought bites its little chunk off our time. So if you want to do more in less time – effective time management will be the key.

Modern technologies did wonders to help us with that, tracking amount of time we spend on each particular task, making our hectic and busy living more organized, orderly and thus simpler and easier for us.

However, even though the purpose of all these numerous applications and gadgets is to save us time, they make us spending more – just accessing and using them. Just try to note how long it takes to use an app or a gadget. With a phone app it goes like this: reach for the phone, unlock, start the app, do your thing by typing a command or a note, close the app, switch off the phone and put it back where it was. Sounds pretty fast and nothing to worry about, doesn’t it? Now multiply it by the number of times you repeat the procedure during the day, it starts to look rather worrisome.

Yet once you do it with MYLE, using our most natural way of data input – our voice – the whole routine is cut to 5 seconds. Tap, say the note and get back to what you were doing, allowing MYLE to complete all tasks in the background – automatically. Additional boon is that all can be done with a minimal distraction from your main activity, be it work or play.

“Time,’ spent two hours on emails, 30 minutes talking with the boss, 10 minutes on coffee break”.

“Schedule, meeting with Jim, this Friday 10 am, remind 10 minutes prior”.

“Shop list. Buy milk today on way home”.

MYLE will automatically save your note as an audio file, convert it into text file and push it to an appropriate app based on the key words that you teach MYLE to know. The built-in activity-tracking feature will analyze your active time and how you spend it using its powerful algorithms to make the personalized suggestions based on your past records.

It will learn your behavior and adjust the predictive analytics to tell you what you could do to maximize your productivity and efficiency. And it will not bite any time off your busy day to achieve all that.

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