Every year in December, we see dozens of ratings on the most memorable technological innovations of the past year. This year we’ve become witnesses of the massive amount of technologies that we became in love with or began to dislike, or simply missed because of their valueless.

Team MYLE wasn’t an exception and made ten categories of the best technological innovations of 2015. We’ll write about the first five in this part and cover the rest of them in tomorrow’s post.

Smart Watch – Pebble

Smartwatches became one of the top trends in 2015 with 24 million sold units worldwide. Perhaps, you’re going to say that Apple Watch is currently the best product on the market because two of every three smart wearables were – Apple Watches.

However, the sales could be high due to brand name, and no matter what you sell under Apple’s brand it will be popular and accepted by everyone. However, we’re rating useful smartwatches that you can use every day with any software and be sure that it will last at least five days.

Pebble is the best in 2015 because it has remarkable 7-day battery life, affordable price, compatibility with both iPhone and Android and thousands of apps due to an open platform for the third party developers. Pebble has everything you need to be called – the best smartwatch of 2015.

Best Wearable Healthtech – Quell 

Quell, according to developers – 100% drug-free solution – for people who experience pain. Their OptiTherapyTM technology automatically adjusts stimulation intensity to ensure a user receives optimal pain relief.

Quell sends small electrical impulses to your lower brain by stimulating your nerves and blocking pain signals to your brain. It works up to seven days on a single charge.

Best Video Flying Drone – DJI Phantom 3

Phantom is the most popular and selling video flying drone. This video flying drone is the best in 2015 because it has the in-built camera that films a video in 4K and takes photos with 12 megapixels camera.

It also features powerful mobile app and gives you around 20 minutes of flying, whilst most of the current drones can fly no more than 15 minutes and cost more than DJI Phantom 3.

Best Cloud Service – Google Drive

It was easy to find a winner in this category. Google Drive was the best cloud service last year, is the best this year and perhaps will be the best next year too.

Many of you will not agree on this decision by saying, for instance, “DropBox is much better because it’s simple to use and offering better syncing and sharing solutions than Google Drive.”

However, Google Drive is offering a better solution for collaborative office suites. You can access your files in the offline mode; attractive design and easy navigation plus 15GB of free storage make this platform the greatest in its class.

Isn’t it great? If you’d like to get additional storage space, you only pay $1.99 for 100GB and $9.99 for 1TB. That’s why Google Drive is the best cloud service you could access in 2015.

Best Smartphone – iPhone 6S

You may say the iPhone wasn’t the best choice for those who wanted to update their smartphones, but the truth that it was. Unlike Apple Watch, the developers did much better job.

iPhone combines a sleek design, where every detail is perfect, the excellent high-resolution camera that can take superb images and film in 4K, 3D touch pressure sensitivity technology, life image feature, as well as the most powerful hardware among all current superphones. iOS haters may not agree with this result, but who knows, perhaps Nexus or Samsung will get the first place next year. Unless Apple is not going to revolutionize its iPhone again.

What are your thoughts about this list? Which technologies would you replace? 

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