Everyone has been in this situation; you look at the watch without a clue as how could the time pass so quickly.

It would seem that you’ve recently arrived at your job desk and about to start working, however, it’s already 5 p.m., and you’re not even done half of your tasks.

You’re thinking, “where is that lost time? What could be the reason for such a poor productivity?”

The reason could be hundreds of the emails you were supposed to reply on from your laptop; or dozens of messages from your financial department that your cell phone was receiving; or notifications and phone calls from the CEO and clients that you’ve forgotten to schedule a meeting with all of them.

Meanwhile, you’ve got a brilliant million dollar idea on how to make a winning marketing campaign, but it happened so that this routine caused you to forget your fabulous idea.

These tasks of constantly switching from your laptop to cell phone to communicate with different departments simultaneously writing down your ideas and notes, are driving your attention and productivity away leaving you in a situation of total madness and uncontrolled processes.

However, your tasks are not over yet, because you have a report that’s due tomorrow morning for the meeting with a CEO. Then you start realizing that 5 minutes required to finish your routine tasks, apparently have taken the entire day. You forget about your leisure time and staying up until midnight at your office desk.

It’s a reality of the modern person. We’re all stuck in this routines funnel where escape is only possible through the use of contemporary technologies.

“When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.”
― A.W. Tozer

It’s true that we cannot redeem the time and opportunities we wasted on useless things. Remember, perhaps you thought about it at least once, “Only if I had had more time, then I would’ve changed everything to better. »

We tend to spend senselessly our time doing what we make ourselves believe in – doing important things – when in reality we are disconnecting from our lives.

Today’s reality – we have the full spectrum of opportunities to influence the time with a maximum outcome.

Technologies are called to save our time.

Today’s market has produced thousands of devices and apps that aim to make people’s lives simpler through automating their daily communication and other processes.

Look, for instance, at Slack, their slogan is to simplify the working lives by making them more pleasant and productive. Slack eases the entire communication process within large teams in the most time efficient way. However, Slack is one of the thousands of different tools that strive to simplify people’s lives.

MYLE is another intelligent assistive technology tool to manage a busy business life. It’s already been in the development stage for the past several years, and 2016 will be the year when people get to see this new technology.

The team of developers has set a goal to minimize your time required to execute a particular task and maximize your productivity. Moreover, applying the latest breakthroughs in speech recognition and predictive analytics, this miniature device can save you, at least, one hour daily.

Savings come from all the time spent daily reaching for the smartphone, unlocking, opening apps, putting the phone back. On top of that, MYLE will save much more time via automating routines and accomplishing tasks that previously were completed manually. Moreover, you’ll remember everything.

All day on the run, endless meetings, endless list of things to remember, an avalanche of ideas. So, simply not enough time for everything. A single finger tap will effectively capture and memorize any inquiry or a million dollar idea, and will track and optimize time.

When technology is used wisely, it can provide us with more time to enjoy leisure activities and pursue our passions.

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