Who are these people who seem to effortlessly remember everything they need to do, and make managing their time look easy? You probably work with someone like this. Usually, they’re a lot more popular with the boss than you are.

Sadly, the majority of us aren’t organizational gurus. We tend to forget about deadlines, meetings and tasks we’ve been asked to do. Sometimes we even forget to do things for ourselves.

It often feels like we’re on an endless mobius strip of inattention: the more we cycle frantically between all these different tasks, the more we’re caught in a never ending loop of inefficiency. We spend a lot of time trying to handle everything, and failing. Why is that?

Well, humans aren’t built to multitask, and they’re not built to remember every little thing, either.

But what if you didn’t have to multitask as frequently, or intensely?

With MYLE, you can assign most of your routine items to a wearable. MYLE’s solution is in its speech recognition technologies and unique algorithm. It allows you to speak your to-dos, calendar meetings, budget, health and life – all without ever touching your phone.

On average, we reach for our smartphones 150 times a day. The wasted time (and attention) adds up: reaching for your phone, unlocking it, opening apps, entering your data, and putting the phone back down. What a routine.

These repetitive and unnecessary actions lead to high distraction and reduced productivity.

To truly concentrate, to gain control of our priorities – and, ultimately, our lives – we have to put down our phones.

MYLE is your answer to opening up your time to the things that matter most.


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