First off, try to imagine an invisible personal assistant, ever so helpful Ms. or Mr. Jones hovering above your shoulder, always ready to record your notes, orders or thoughts. You would only be required to do nothing for that, except talking. And that’s how your MYLE user interface pretty much operates.

And MYLE will do what your reliable personal assistant would.

Like helping you manage your time by adding entries to your calendar and later sending timely alerts and reminders to your phone or computer.
Tap once on the MYLE device and say “Reminder, finish and send presentation to Nicole by 4pm next Tuesday”. MYLE will catch the deadline and will remind you as the specified date gets nearer.

Another interesting feature that MYLE can help you master is to keep track of the time you spend on your activities, be it a job or your life. By showing you how effectively you spend your day MYLE will free you more spare time. It will also analyze your activities – using some very complex cloud-based mathematical algorithms of its analytical engine – to provide tips on how to make your day more productive and less stressful.

Unlike a human assistant, MYLE is ready to serve you 24/7. Its size and understated design will make it look appropriate on all sorts of garments, and it’s always within an instant reach. To activate it one only needs to tap it with a finger and say the note or a command.

Unlike other solutions on the market, where users always share their personal data with the provider, MYLE takes totally different approach to handling your personal information. Here users are sole owners of all their data.

With all that MYLE enables you to organize your daily routines in the most efficient and least stressful manner. Leave those tedious distractions behind and focus on something that’s truly valuable.

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