Next-generation Digital Personal Assistant

Backup your mind, organize your routines and save your time

with your voice and a finger-tap


Simple solution to complex problems

Capture Everything

Simplest, fastest and the most natural way to take notes on the go without a phone or computer. Just tap the wearable and speak your mind.

Convert Thoughts into Actions

All captured notes are automatically categorized and fulfilled with apps and software on your behalf while you focus on what really matters.

Save Time

Wearable and AI take care of your tedious routines, upping your productivity and freeing you at least one hour a day. Enjoy the luxury of extra time.

How it works

Capture Thoughts

Tap and speak. The MYLE wearable instantly captures your notes, all without a phone or computer, at any place and time. Audio, text, GPS location and time-stamp are all captured.

Sync and Textualize

As soon as MYLE device is in Bluetooth range, notes are automatically synced with the phone and cloud, converted to text, then advanced algorithms analyze and categorize them…

Organize and Fulfill

…to automatically organize and fulfill in your software systems, cloud platforms or smartphone applications. Artificial Intelligence can further process the collected data.


  • Arm processor
  • Memory (2000 notes)
  • Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Battery (Up to 5 days)
  • LEDs (blue and red)
  • Digital microphone

    You receive your MYLE package complete with the device itself, a docking station with a USB cord, and a Quick-Start Guide.

MYLE features


Smartphone-independent wearable


30 sec audio notes


Device stores hundreds of notes


Each note has audio, text, time and GPS


Works with iOS and Android


Free API/SDK for your app integration


Battery lasts up to 5 days


Supports 42 languages


Myle software works equally well everywhere, be it a mobile device, or a desktop. MYLE App is backed by an analytical platform that  textualizes, analyzes and fulfills the captures notes and ideas in applications and software systems.

After MYLE has backed up and digitized your mind, you can access all your captured thoughts and notes in MYLE App. At any time read, listen, edit, forward or share them with others.

Available for



MYLE can be integrated with virtually any application or software system to organize and fulfil your captured notes and ideas via apps you use for life and business.

Some examples of what MYLE can do



You can feed your Slack channels with new details. Tap MYLE and say “Slack, we need to add search functionality to the project” to share your idea with your software team.


Whenever and wherever, without a smartphone or computer, instantly save a note or idea to your Evernote account with a single fingertap by using keyword “evernote” in your phrase. “Evernote, new wording: simple solution to complex problems”.


You saw some extraterrestrials and want to share this with the world. Twit away by tapping your MYLE and saying: “Twitter, saw some green-skinned aliens in my backyard 5 minutes ago” and your message will automatically show up in your account, as you continue your encounter.


To add a new reminder to your Wunderlist, tap your MYLE and say: “Reminder, today 5PM, call Jeremy”. Now you can be sure you’ll be reminded to make this call.


After the meeting tap your MYLE and add new note to your Salesforce account by saying: “Salesforce, met cutomer A and struck a preliminary deal. Follow-up meeting next Wednesday 10AM at my office”.

Water counter

If you are a health watcher and keep track of your water intake, just tap your MYLE as you drink another glass of water and say: “water, had a glass of water”. MYLE counts how many glasses you had and shows you your stats as a graph and numbers.


To text a friend (even while driving) just tap you MYLE and say “Text message, to John I am 10 minutes late” and the SMS goes to John, even if your phone is in your back pocket.


When crawling in traffic past an accident site or construction work, tap your MYLE and say: “traffic, here’s an accident”. MYLE will automatically share this information with others along with time and exact location on the map. This will be done without you touching the phone (especially as you cannot legally do it while driving anyway).


Tap your MYLE and say “Calendar, doctor appointment next Tuesday from 3pm to 5 pm.” The event “doctor appointment” – is saved in your calendar for the next Tuesday from 3 to 5 pm. Regardless of which calendar you use, Google, Exchange or any other.


When starting a new job, tap MYLE and report: “Timesheet, started installing cable on Mast 4455”. The job activity will be automatically saved in your timesheet system as text, audio, time stamp and GPS location. All without stopping your work, even when offline and with no phone or notepad needed.

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Simple solution to complex problems


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